Our partners

Amcor Flexibles Singen (Aluminium strips, soft tempers) - https://www.amcor.com

Amcor is a global leader in responsible global packaging solutions supplying a broad range of rigid & flexible packaging products into the food, beverage, healthcare, home and personal care and tobacco packaging industries

BD (Glass syringes) - http://www.bd.com

In 1897, Maxwell Becton and Fairleigh Dickinson founded Becton, Dickinson and Company with a vision to improve outcomes for patients. For the century that followed, the company held true to that vision. BD diversified into diagnostics, biosciences and a wide range of medical devices. But we knew we could do more and have an even greater impact on the world of health.

Enter CareFusion in 2015. The complementary nature of BD and CareFusion capabilities make the new, combined company more relevant than ever before. It’s not just the solutions we offer, it’s also where we offer them. The global reach of the combined company can offer new solutions around the world. And that’s just what we’re doing.

The combination also brings together the people in each company. People with a deep passion for helping patients directly or through our other customers. And the combined company gives us even more opportunities to help people. BD is the place for our associates to pursue their life’s purpose through their life’s work.

And we are bringing in the “new.” New ideas for products. New solutions for customers. New ways to help patients be healthy and safe. In other words, a new era in healthcare.

BD is excited about what our future holds, and we are glad you will join us on this journey. We look forward to advancing the world of health with you.

Capsugel (Empty hard gelatin DPI capsules and empty capsules of vegetable origin) - http://www.capsugel.com/

Capsugel designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of innovative dosage forms for the biopharmaceutical and consumer health and nutrition industries. Our unique combination of science, engineering, formulation and capsule expertise enables our customers to optimize the bioavailability, targeted delivery and overall performance of their products. We partner with more than 4,000 customers in over 100 countries to create novel, high-quality and customized solutions that align with our customers’ evolving needs and benefit patients and consumers. We continue to build on our decades-long track record of ingenuity, credibility and flexibility to deliver an exemplary experience and drive added value creation for our customers.  Our proprietary and patent-protected technologies, our extensive formulation know-how, our unrivaled expertise in capsule polymer science, and our product and process design capabilities help our customers meet their target product profiles and commercial objectives, while allowing rapid design and development across a wide range of dosage forms, including differentiated capsules, liquids, granules/powders, pellets and tablets targeting various delivery methods. Our biopharmaceutical customers are continually motivated to speed the pace of discovering and developing novel products that will help improve people’s lives. Capsugel is partnering with an ever-expanding set companies – both large and small – to overcome several challenges inherent in this quest.

With a fundamental understanding of APIs that comes from advancing thousands of drug compounds from early feasibility studies to clinic and commercialization, predictive models and expert systems for selecting the optimal enabling technologies, we are bringing design to the CDMO space, which is helping our customers accelerate their product development cycles. Leveraging our extensive experience in pharmaceutical delivery science, Capsugel’s technology platforms also are enabling our consumer health and nutrition customers to bring new and improved products to market.  Our range of innovative solutions help our customers improve the efficacy, taste and odor masking, and swallowability of their supplements and nutritionals – all while enabling combination products, providing visually appealing dosage forms, and meeting the expectations of today’s discerning clean label consumers.  We also bring to the table a wealth of consumer research and insight, and a team of business development personnel that is dedicated to helping customers differentiate their offerings in a crowded marketplace.   We have 13 manufacturing sites and three research and development centers in nine countries across three continents.  This vast global network – and the unmatched science and engineering behind it – enables the broadest range of capsule polymers, sizes and designs in the industry, as well as the ability to offer integrated product design, development, clinical supply and commercial manufacturing services to our customers around the world.  Our diversified customer base includes companies that make branded, generic and specialty pharmaceuticals; biotech products; over-the-counter medicines; vitamins and dietary supplements.

CPH-Pharma (APIs, Pharma intermediates, biodegradable polymer (Resomer®)) - http://www.cph.nl

For more than 50 years CPH Pharma has been actively working on global pharmaceutical market, acting as an essential link between western and eastern companies. The core values of the company, being loyalty, full openness and transparency with partners have always been carefully nurtured by the original management of the company, which is still fully involved in daily operations. Such approached has made it possible for CPH Pharma to gain full trust and support from a number of well-known companies (see Our partners), which CPH Pharma now exclusively represents on various European markets.

For the last decade CPH Pharma has been intensively diversifying its activities becoming involved in all aspects of pharmaceutical business like, licensing deals, distribution of finished dosage forms, site and tech transfer etc.

Diosna (Mixing-Granulating, Single Pot Processor, Granulating-Drying, Fluid-Bed Processor) - http://www.diosna.com

DIOSNA has earned itself a good reputation in international pharmaceutical technology by consistently following market requirements. Every plant or machine made by DIOSNA meets two of our customer’s essential demands: firstly for high technological perfection, secondly for greatest possible application safety. 

With each plant we ask ourselves: Can it be operated safely by someone who does not use it every day?

The thing that stands out about DIOSNA plants is the resolution of apparently irreconcilable requirements: highly complex technology and simple handling. Maximum output with minimum errors. 

Sensitive control and robust processing. Cost reducing standardisation and value increasing individualisation. Not an easy route, but the one which brings our customers most benefits in the long term.

A development engineer at DIOSNA needs to have many qualities: a thorough scientific training, a few years experience, an inventive mind and above all a feeling for market requirements – and the skill to develop successful solutions for them. 

DIOSNA has already come up with numerous patents and new achievements in pharmaceutical technology.

For example we have developed the first vertically rotating film coater (VCC) to market maturity. DIOSNA also creates less spectacular new products: control systems, for example, which enhance operating friendliness and therefore reduce errors.

In order to keep up to date in our developments we are in I constant contact with universities, technical institutes and colleges. This approach provides wide ranging skills and expertise from different areas of research for your production technology.

Emphasys (Dry Powder Inhalers "CDM-Inhalers") - http://www.emphasys-industrial.com

In 1995 Emphasys shareholders started their companies in the fields of precision injection-molding and sales of quality devices for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. In 2004 a venture company was created with the objective of using mutual know-how for development of innovative delivery systems and devices for Generic Market.

The experience of the R&D team allowed the company to generate new patents and develop cost-effective delivery systems, opening new market opportunities for the medical and cosmetics fields. With the growth of the company, in 2008 a new production facility was acquired to enable expansion and compliance with ANVISA, EMEA and FDA.

Farmachem (APIs) - http://www.farmachem.hr

Since twenty years Farmachem has been present in pharmaceutical and fine chemicals field. Initially, the main activity of the Company was to trade with pharmaceutical substances.

The experience of the people who founded Farmachem and established contacts in pharmaceutical branch all over the world were the basis of the expansion.

Following strong diversification of the markets, FMM started to follow very early a fastlly changed pharmaceutical and regulatory environment giving to our partners a more complete and sophisticated services.

Each of these companies was established in the moment when the specificity and level of business in certain fields, areas or types of activities required a consistent organizational and management approach.

Frewitt (Prod mills, Lab mills, Crushers, Modules) - http://frewitt.com

Frewitt has been developing and manufacturing premium-quality mills in Switzerland since 1946, mills that are critical components in the crushing and grinding processes of our renowned clientele in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food product industries. Thanks to our forward-looking orientation to the requirements of our customers, Frewitt is also an expert partner for high-tech sieving, homogenization, deagglomeration, conveying, dosing and filling solutions for powders and granulates of every type.

Frewitt, a world leader in powder size reduction technologies, presents FreDrive-Lab, a revolutionary, modular, milling solution for R&D and analytical laboratories in the pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, fine chemical and food industries. This patented innovation was developed specifically in collaboration with R&D teams of selected customers in order to meet today's industry challenges.

Modularity: Employing a ground-breaking design, the FreDrive-Lab integrates five different milling processes in one system, enabling the user to produce a wide variety of particle sizes ranging down to a lower particle size distribution spectrum of D90 < 20 µm.

Flexibility: Incomparable, the FreDrive-Lab enables you to alternate between different milling processes simply and rapidly. The interchangeable heads can be installed as well as removed within seconds and are sealed for cleaning and sterilising.

Performance: FreDrive-Lab offers unequalled, process scale-up enhancement, allowing for batches of 50g to 1 kg for small-scale, laboratory applications, while ensuring the flexibility of a 30-50 kg/hr production rate for pilot-scale quantities. Most important, FreDrive Lab guarantees true scale-up from lab size batches to pilot-scale, and finally to high-volume industrial production. 

Cost-effective: Encompassing a true rationalisation of investment, FreDrive Lab integrates 5 milling processes in a single platform, allowing you to make substantial savings on your investment costs. This modular solution also allows you to start milling processes required, and to increase your capacities with other milling processes as your needs evolve.

Groninger (Medical cables and sensors, Anesthesia, Breathing circuits, Facemask, Electrosurgery) - https://www.groninger.de

Groninger, the name stands for innovation, quality and service in the design of customized machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. We have proven it to our customers for 37 years.

Customer focus for groninger is more than simply meeting the requirements of our customers. It is our goal to meet the challenges of the future through research and development and to offer innovative solutions. 1,135 employees work to provide solutions and to optimize processes – fulfilling our company philosophy "We fill Visions with Life".

This is how groninger has become a technology leader in building customized machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. To remain successful in this field, we must not only know our customers and their industries but we must also understand them. Trust in our own skills, working cooperatively together within our company and with customers form the basis for bringing visions to life, creating unique solutions and making our customers enthusiastic.

Our experience with more than 7,500 machines all over the world guarantees safe production processes and excellent results for our customers. The competence and enthusiasm of our employees are the basis of the extremely successful development of our company.

Harro Höfliger (Round motion platform, Longitudinal transport platform, Oval motion platform, Flexible platform, Assembly systems, Batch series machines, Production machines, Blister machines, Portion packaging machines, Devices for labs and galenics, DPI machines, Capsule filling machines, Liquid filling machines, Capsule inspection machines, Blister inspection machinen, Horizontal cartoning, Top loading cartoning, Wallet packing, Tray handling systems, Feeding technology, Inspection systems, Sealing edge bag machines) - http://www.hoefliger.com

Harro Höfliger develops and manufactures production and packaging equipment as a hidden champion for customers around the world. We are an esteemed development partner for pharmaceutical and medical companies. Brand item manufacturers for consumer and home care products also trust in our highly specialized process solutions and services. 

When it comes to new ideas and innovations, we don’t leave anything to chance. We work with our customers to ensure that we are always one decisive, innovative step ahead of the competition, even for niche products. This is how we create great things such as complete turnkey lines. Yet, in small things, we are unbeatable: As the technology leader, we set the standards for dosing powder in even the tiniest of quantities and for the most delicate of assembly processes.

What makes us so special as a manufacturer of special machines? We are not satisfied with any solution that is merely good enough – we seek out only the very best solutions. Our wide technological basis and holistic thought processes are what gets us there: Our portfolio of machines covers every industrialization level, and our services focus on the entire product life cycle.

It is only consistent in this regard that among our many creative minds, we not only include engineers, designers and control technicians, but also pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians. Our customers can rest assured that in the end the solution will always represent quality “Made in Baden-Wuerttemberg”. And it will also include our promise: We are more than mechanical engineering – we are ALL YOU NEED.

With our large portfolio of standard machines and platform techniques, we will find solutions for individual process steps or for the complete production line. Customized solutions – precisely what you require for your level of mechanization.

Ima Pharma (Solid dose processing and manufacturing, Handling, Granulation, Tableting, Capsule filling, Capsule banding, Checkweighing, Coating, Washing, Aseptic processing and freeze drying, Whashing, blowing and sterlizing, Aseptic processing, Freeze drying equipment, Labelling and serialization, Liophilizatione process, Pharmaceutical processing, Product and material handling, Primary Packaging, Blister and tray packaging, Tablet and capsule counting, Tube filling, Jar filling, Secondary Packaging, Cartoning, End of line) - https://www.ima.it

IMA Pharma is a world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic  machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical  products thanks to a high technological profile and the ability to offer tailor-made solutions  to satisfy the most sophisticated  requests of the market. The Group has 34 production plants in Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, the UK, the USA, India and China. The Group’s organisational structure emphasises the values that it has built up over 50 years in the business: experience and reliability, a world-wide support and service network, excellent ability to meet customers' requirements.

INGAL (pneumology, rheumatology, orthopedics and medical cosmetology) - http://ingal-med.ru

The company "INGAL" was founded in 2014 and is a manufacturer of medical devices for use in pneumology, rheumatology, orthopedics and medical cosmetology. We produce plastic medical devices and a wide range of products based on hyaluronic acid.

The company cooperates with the "pioneers" of complex technological solutions, implements partner programs to introduce the latest technologies in Russia, has its own scientific and technical base, allowing to develop new, high-tech and innovative products.

The production facilities of the company "INGAL" are arranged in accordance with the European standards of management and relevant manufacturing requirements as regards to pharmaceutical companies, i.e. EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

“INGAL” is a rapidly and successfully developing company due to the choice of the innovation strategy and significant investment in research, development and effective management methods.

LindalGroup (Valves and Actuators for aerosol inhalers ) - http://www.lindalgroup.com/

LINDAL Group provides the technique inside and the design “on top” of over 2 billion aerosols per year. Established in 1959 and never ceasing to innovate, LINDAL has become one of the global market leaders in aerosol technology. Our products range from clean-room produced asthma inhalers to silicone dispensing systems and premium deodorant actuators. Based in Europe we serve our customers all over the world also from our plants in the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. 

Our Vision. Our vision is the guiding star we follow in order to continue to achieve sustainable growth. It inspires our organization and gives direction to everything we do. 

From a leading position in Europe we will become worldwide leader in our core business relying on our strong will to offer the world a portfolio of quality dispensing technology that anticipates people’s needs. We will make dispensing a safer, easier and more pleasant experience for the end consumer. We will achieve our goal by listening to our customers, by continuously improving our operational effectiveness and technical expertise and by developing and inspiring our employees. Being a family company we have more in mind than maximizing short-term profits, we are in for the long run!

Our Values. Our values are the basis for all interactions with our stakeholders. They guide our decisions and actions and reflect our beliefs and culture.

Mematech (Patient Monitor cables, Spo2, ECG, Temperature, IBP, NIBP, EKG, Heart Drawing Instrumentation Cables, DC – Shock, shock device cables, (ECG) Holter Recorder cables, EEG & EMG, drawing the brain, nerves and muscles cables, Surgical moxibustion  cables (Diathermy), Temp – Pulse, Oximeter device, Pressure Infusion Bag) - http://mematech.com

MemaTech is a company specialized in importing and supplying all cables of intensive care devices and surgical operations equipment requirements.

The owner and general manager of the company is Engineer / Mohamed Abd al-Rahim MemaTech company, is the exclusive agent for the company MED-LINKET, a Chinese company specialized in production of cables of intensive care and surgical operations devices.

Our vision. MemaTech seeks to be always at the forefront of working in the field of medical devices extensions, and one of the influencers to take it to the international levels of professionalism and quality, relying on the good reputation that our clients have about us.

Our mission is under the slogan (Feel The Power Of Quality). Quality is our basic barometer in the offered products and reaching to the best quality standards and work on products that meet the international high standards of quality, and this is what sets us apart from others.

O'Hara (Tablet Coating, Fluid Bed Dryers Granulators, Tray Dry Ovens, Conventional Coating Systems, V-Shell and Conical Blenders, Material Handling, System Components & Accessories, Used Equipment and Retrofits) - https://www.oharatech.com/

O'Hara Technologies Inc. is recognized on the global market as a leading manufacturer of solid dosage processing equipment, with new innovative products coming to the market every year. The company is known for its unique technology, solutions for the best return on investment, and its excellent customer support. O'Hara designs and fabricates a broad product line of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and confectionary equipment for coating, mixing, blending, granulating and drying. Our product range provides proven solutions through all capacity requirements - from small scale portable laboratory and R&D models through to high-volume continuous systems. Our goal is to be a manufacturer that offers the greatest value, by helping our clients to address all of their equipment needs in today's rapidly changing market.

Founded by Mr. Gil O'Hara in January 1976; O'Hara Technologies is still growing after more than four decades of successful business. Through its thriving business history, this company has supplied innovative solid dosage equipment to over 2500 installations in 75 countries. O'Hara Technologies operates from the headquarters and manufacturing plant based in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The company has a broad network of representatives and technical support teams throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

In a 75,000 square foot manufacturing facility, O'Hara Technologies Inc. is equipped with modern machinery operated by an experienced team of metal fabricators, welders, assembly specialists, electricians and instrumentation technicians. The manufacturing team works closely with the engineering and testing departments to refine and enhance the performance of its processes and equipment. Our facility is available for in-house equipment trials of solid dosage forms, with assistance of qualified coating specialists.

Our philosophy is to become a trusted partner in the business of our clients around the world, by providing cost-effective high-quality solutions, proactive customer support and value-added consulting services related to improving the performance of solid dosage processing equipment. Our company's fast response to industry trends, through innovation and close contacts with our customers, is what distinguishes O'Hara Technologies from its competitors. Solid company leadership and hands-on involvement at every level of the process is a testament to our dedication to success.

Our strong commitment to quality is assured by our compliance with International ISO Quality Standards, GMP, cGMP and CE. All equipment is subject to rigorous in-house testing to ensure that regulatory and customer specific requirements are in full compliance with all national and international standards.

Press Part (Cans for aerosol inhalers (Steinless steel and Plasma coated)) - http://www.presspart.com/

Specialist Medical Device Manufacturers & Pharmaceutical Component Manufacturers for Respiratory Drug Delivery

H&T Presspart is committed to meeting the needs - and exceeding the expectations - of our customers throughout the world.

As specialist medical device and pharmaceutical component manufacturers, we understand the critical importance of high calibre when it comes to manufacturing components for the pharmaceutical sector. Quality of life can depend on the tiniest of details, not only the active ingredients of the medication, but also the quality and reliability of the components and delivery systems.

With decades of experience as precision medical device manufacturers, and as partner to many of the World’s leading pharmaceutical companies, the specialist team at H&T Presspart understand your needs perfectly.

As the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors continue to evolve, bringing revolutionary drugs to the market, H&T Presspart's wealth of experience can help you make the best decisions earlier in the product and device development process. We are probably best known as specialist medical device manufacturers who assemble respiratory drug delivery components, including metered dose inhaler canisters, one-piece and two-piece MDI actuators, but our extensive skills and experience as medical device manufacturers, covers every aspect of deep drawn manufacturing and injection moulding for the pharmaceutical industry.

H&T Presspart has developed an enviable reputation for precision, perfection and reliability. As expert medical device manufacturers, we live and breathe drug delivery and are renowned for continually pushing the boundaries to meet the changing needs of its customers. Why not contact us today to discuss your requirements?

PressTeck (Steinless steel cans for aerosol inhalers) - http://www.pressteckspa.com

PressTeck is one of the leading manufacturers of precision deep-drawn parts from transfer presses.

A partnership with PressTeck aspires to long-term collaboration. PressTeck is a family-owned business founded in 1993 with a current staff of approx. 100 employees in Muravera (Italy).

Our project teams are in close contact with you throughout all phases. Special requirements, defining ideas in concrete terms, feasibility testing all the way to production-oriented product development – all are discussed and successfully implemented, with efficient manufacturing and logistics and are a basic part of all projects.

The non-binding consultation we give in advance paves the way to solid solutions. The competent employees of PressTeck S.p.A. give you professional advice in every phase of product development and into mass production, professionally and according to ISO/TS 16949 Certification.


The environment and sustainability. Our manufacturing processes are monitored and follow strict guidelines for protecting nature and the environment. PressTeck is certified according to ISO 14001.

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific, Unity Lab Services) - https://www.thermofisher.com/

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, with revenues of $18 billion and more than 55,000 employees globally. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. We help our customers accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity. Through our premier brands – Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific and Unity Lab Services – we offer an unmatched combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and comprehensive support.

Innovative analytical instruments, lab equipment and specialty diagnostics that provide rapid and accurate results for customers in research, clinical and applied markets.

Uhlmann (Cartoners, Blister machines, Blister lines, End-of-line packaging machines, Bottle lines, Feeders) - https://www.uhlmann.de

Uhlmann is one of the world’s leading systems suppliers for the packaging of pharmaceutical products in blisters and bottles. A comprehensive range of machines, services and support measures covers all steps of the pharmaceutical packaging process.

Uhlmann has been a trendsetter for pharmaceutical packaging for over 65 years. Our leadership position worldwide is chiefly ascribed to one factor: your trust in the excellence of our team. Strong, open-minded, and reliable: these attributes characterize us, and that is how you should experience us and our company.